No different than your patients, your dental practice needs continuing care...

It is your business to attend to your patients’ health. It is our business to help you reach your highest level of financial well being. Together we evaluate your practice's condition and recommend treatment that best suits you and your practice. We address your practices' needs, how you can control or prevent problems, and help you take the necessary steps to provide a financially strong future.

It all adds up

+ Increase revenue
- Decrease overhead

= Take more income home

+ Increase revenue

• We perform a comprehensive evaluation of your practice and continue to monitor it's performance thoughout the year. This information helps identify strengths and weaknesses in your practice.

• We sit down and talk to you about what we see in your practice. This gives you a different perspective and allows you to compare your results with other dental practices.

• We make recommendations and provide the help you need to improve efficiencies in your office. This allows you to prioritize and implement changes which may be necessary to increase your revenue.

- Decrease overhead

• We analyze your financial statements and apply industry standards to identify where you are spending more than necessary. This information helps you make more informed purchases decisions and helps decrease unnecessary spending.

• We prepare financial statements that you can read; you then have current financial information that helps you manage your cash flow.

• Again, we sit down and talk to you about what we see in your practice. This allows you to manage your overhead and improve your cash flow.

= Take more income home

• We prepare tax and financial plans incorporating both your practice and your personal goals to help you reduce taxes and build personal wealth. This information allows you to take advantage of the tax deductions to which you are entitled.

• We monitor and inform you of pending tax legislation. This allows you to maximize your tax deductions so you are not caught off guard.

• We analyze your tax returns and transactions to identify ways to structure your business to reduce taxes and meet your goals.



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Your patients dental health is your business.Your financial health is our business.